Nina Yashar Celestial map

Enter Nina Yashar’s home and you enter Nina Yashar’s eclectic universe where Italian Grazia Toderi’s aerial photo of the myriad twinkling lights of London’s night sky is the centrepiece of her collection. In the photograph, the brightest city lights trace luminous geometries on a majestic blue background as if they were simulating the celestial constellations. “The artist was thinking of Italo Calvino,” the owner says, and in particular of a city called “Andria” found in his book Invisible Cities,

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Christian Louboutin Wildflowers

Impressionist painter Claude Monet in his 1873 painting Coquelicots drew a vibrant splash of red poppies across the lush green fields of the French countryside. French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has created a similar effect in today’s fashion landscape. Did the designer have this particular wildflower the red poppy (Papaver rhoeas in the botanical jargon) in mind when he painted the soles of his signature shoes bright red? Christian, who is versed in botany since his long-time partner is the famous landscape architect Louis Benech,

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