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Thomas Struth: Figure Ground

This exhibition of the renowned German photographer Thomas Struth (born in 1954), presents a comprehensive survey of his genre-defining oeuvre. Covering four decades of work and every phase of his career, the exhibition focuses on Struth’s social interests, which represent the important forces of his influential artistic development. Read more

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Art Events

Lillian Bassman

Gallery CAMERA WORK is pleased to present an exhibition with works of Lillian Bassman from January 21, 2017. The show will include more than 50 main works and will be the first gallery exhibition held in Berlin after Lillian Bassman had passed away in 2012. Read more

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Tony Cragg Master of Materials

Tony Cragg likes order. He likes to classify his sculptures, group them into families and think in terms of the relationships between those families. “I am very skeptical about throwing things at the wall and doing chance things, but art is full of this kind of sloppiness,” Read more